Our company provides a wide array of services for private and corporate clients, including but not limited to weddings, corporate venues, real estate property marketing and imaging, industrial objects, construction sites, pipelines, tower and building surveys. No project is too big or too small!

Private & Corporate Venues

wedding, anniversaries, corporate events, ceremonies

Industrial Objects

pipelines, towers, building cranes, land prospecting, demolition

Real Estate

Property imaging, land survey, condo/apartment external survey

Law Enforcement

demolition, bomb squad, surveillance, object tracking

Civil surveillance

licensed PIs, fact collection, object surveillance

Photo Industry

Property imaging, land survey, condo/apartment external survey



We use professional quality DJI MAVIC PRO imaging drones, capable of extended and remote flight, ultra-high resolution, real-time video and photo imaging, high speed flight and silent operation mode.

4k Ultra-High Resolution

Get amazing video quality, comparable to modern motion picture production standards

Extended flight time

Drones stay up to 27 minutes in the air on a single charge

Real-time video feed

You can view what we record in real-time, without delay

High Altitide Capability

Drones are able to survey 400 feet above any object with total altitude up to 15,000 feet

Gimbal 3-axis Picture Stability

Full electronic, mechanical and optical stabilization gimbal camera

Track up to 40 mph

Ability to follow and track fast-moving objects with automatic target lock-on

Full equipment specs brochure

For overview of the full equipment specs, please download brochure.

Videography and Photography


View our video and photography portfolio to get a better idea what to expect from our drones and imaging production studio. We provide a diligent and commited, fully-inclusive service to our private and corporate clients with the option of ongoing contracts at reduced service rates.

Project 9
Project 12
Project 7
Project 18
Project 8
Project 1
Project 56
Project 5
Project 556
Project 51

Please note that some projects may be classified or protected by the client's confidentiality contracts, and may not be available for review. Please visit our YouTube channell for more demo videos.


Our Crew

To fly a small unmanned aircraft (from 0.52 and up to 52lb) for commercial purposes, or any use that results in direct or indirect revenue, one must have a Commercial RPI License to operate SMALL UNAMNNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS (sUAS) in accordance with FAR Title 14 part 107. Our pilots are not only licensed Part 107 commercial drone operators, but are also current commercial & airline pilots license holders. Yes, these are the same guys who fly fifty million dollar jets one half of a week and then operate two thousand dollar commercial drones the other half. So, you know that your project and its safety are in good hands when you get one of these guys to work on it!


Our area

Our base of operations is in Ormond Beach, FL.

Our service extends to entire Volusia County, Flagler county, Deltona, DeBerry, Port Orange, Palm Coast and all adjacent areas, approximately 50 miles around Daytona Beach.


Our teasers

Want to see more of our drone photography work? Crisp, amazing 4k UHD resolution videos shot, edited and delivered to you within 48 hours via latest technology available. It is The Future. Take advantage, or your competitors will!..

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clients feedback

how mich does it cost?

pricing table

These are typical pricing estimates. The actual cost may vary depending on the project. Please contact us for a more precise estimate. We will do all we can to earn Your business!

  • Real estate
  • $19925 minute video
  • 4k definition
  • studio video cut
  • digital delivery
  • 48 hour turnaround
  • request
  • powerline survey
  • $9.95per mile
  • 4k definition
  • live video feed
  • 2 minutes per mile
  • 72 hour turnaround
  • Tower survey
  • $24925 minutes
  • any height
  • live 4k video feed
  • quick set up
  • fully-insured
  • venues
  • $5491 hour video
  • cut at our studio
  • 4k video resolution
  • electronic delivery
  • 10 day turnaround
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